Allison Andrews, PsyD

Are you raising a quirky, spirited or special needs child?

Are you feeling isolated and overwhelmed?

Are you so busy taking care of everyone else that you have not had the chance to really digest and understand what it all means to you and your family?

When our children face more than the average challenges, when it is a struggle to do simple things like put on socks or go to a religious service (a sensory child), when it is hard to make friends (children on the autistic spectrum) or when school becomes a daily reminder of what you are not good at (children with learning disablilites) we as parents struggle also.

Parenting children with special needs requires more creativity, more resources, and more energy, even in the best of circumstances.  More you.  How are you doing? 

It matters for both you and for your children if you are feeling depressed, anxious, isolated or overwhelmed. 

I help parents understand their own emotional experience so that they can be available to their kids.

I help parents deal with their own stress so that they can be present for their kids in the ways they are most needed. 

You are your child’s best resource and best advocate and you need to take care of yourself.